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Do you want to be better… Step away from the box! (English version)

I write this blog request of my friend, who was wondering these things.

You probably have heard that there is different kind of teacher trainings, intensive and so on? Now there is some of you who said, ”yeah, but i’m not a teacher and I never will be”. Wait! If you think that I will never be a teacher, ok, but why you want to block your mind like that? What if you think, If I want I can be teacher one day, that don’t need to be must.

64ca99902dd87149bc0d84b7e93ce723Going to teacher training doesn’t necessary mean that there is only teaching stuff. If you are teacher there is dozen of thing you need to know and handle, yes, this can be helpful to you. Being a teacher is much, much more that few patterns and steps. In one weekend you can’t have all the things, but it is one step in right way. If you are dancer, and you just want to stay dancer, there is still things you may want to know. Do you think it would be helpful to know history of you dance? How this dance has develop during the years? Why we dance the way we dance? Would it be interesting to know what kind of basic guidelines we have in this dance? What is the key basic elements you probably will learn in basic course, and why? Music? Musicality? What is that? Would it be interesting to know? You probably get some tips also how and what to teach, still you don’t have to be teacher to understand those things. Some wise man has said; If you really want to be master of something, teach it to somebody. Think about it, maybe it can be a friend or your partner. How about, how to grow you community? Do you know, you can make a big difference in your area?

When I started to dance I think, I will never compete. Now I do, and I like it. I also think, I will never be teacher, now I am, and I LOVE it. So it is ok to change you mind, sometimes 🙂
I have been many times in different teaching courses and intensives, always I have gain there a lot of information. How to be better dancer, better competitor, judge or teacher. When you know more, better you come. Why not to give yourself opportunity, to be better you!

Here is few examples of teacher training:

In Finland!

And abroad