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Private lessons

Private lessons ovat a flexible, individualized, and fast way to learn to dance, and especially great if you are unable to attend weekly classes. You can come alone or with a partner. Private lessons are for a maximum of 6 people, in which case the time will be divided between the participants.

A private lesson is also a great option for couples to learn their wedding dance. The private lessons are for dancers of all skill levels and we will progress according to the clients wishes and individual pace. You can choose the dance style(s) you want to focus on.

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Remote private lessons

Remote private lessons are a great option if you are unable to attend weekly classes or want to advance efficiently and don’t have classes on your area.

On the private lessons we can work on subjects you wish to work on (for example, dance technique, patterns, musicality, challenges etc.). Lessons will be held via Zoom.

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Video review

With a video review, you will get an assessment of your dancing and what kinds of things to focus on while training. The student will send me a roughly 1-1,5 min long video, which I will analyze with the help of a coaching software. You will then get both oral and visual feedback on a video as well as a suggestion on drills.

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  • Private lesson 80€/h
  • Package offer 5x1h, total 350€
  • Remote private lesson 35€/30min
  • Video review 20€/ video

All prices include VAT 24%, possible space rental and travel expenses will be charged separately as per agreement.

NB: In case of failure to appear, the whole cost of the agreed-on services is retained. 

Dance instruction

Dance skills are needed in multiple situations, such as weddings, dance pavilions, and get-togethers. Dance courses and events are a great place to meet new friends, get in shape, and improve your self-esteem.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if, for example, you’re looking to learn a wedding dance. You can also ask for dance instruction for your area.

I offer dance instruction in various partner dances, including Fusku, Bugg, Slow Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba (Bolero), Cha Cha and West Coast Swing.

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Lectures and training

I hold various lectures and trainings for businesses, communities, coaches, and dancers. Each lecture and training session is tailored to the clients wishes and needs.

*Dancer/athlete well-being

*Know yourself, dance better – how do I affect the dance?

*Various instructor trainings

*Social interaction and communication training

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Classes for groups or businesses

You can ask for a dance class to move even a bigger group! The class can be either solo or partner dancing.

Dance classes are a great for, for example, birthday parties or office Christmas parties. These classes are there to get people moving with fun and easy dances.

Dance classes are also a good option for the exercise part of a workplace well-being training day. You can also form a group for a more purposeful, continued training.

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Personal coaching

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