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Hanna Tuominen

I am full time dance teacher. I also coach different wellness – and mentality classes. FAF Fascial classes, that are must for all who exercise a lot, it is dynamic coordination and body mobility practice, combined to relaxation.

I love teaching.  In my previous work life I work many years with young adults. I love that feeling when my student gets that ”ahaa- moment”, that makes everything worth it. I don’t think I’m ready yeat, not as a teacher or dancer. I believe that growing is constant part of life. You won’t ever be ready, but you can enjoy the journey!

My job as a teacher is help my students to find their own way to dance, so they can enjoy even more, with every partner.

”You know how to support and challenge at same time. That is rare combination. Many try, but can’t really do it. You coach whole people, body and mind. You are intuition and flexible, you know what to do next, and where to focus. My life and and dance change, when I started to work with you.”

You can find here more info about mentality coaching and NLP. My calendar, contact information and  my blog ( search English version) and calendar . See you at classes! 

Contact me, if you have questions, and when you want to order private coaching, dance teaching, FAF Fascial classes or mentality coaching.



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