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Hanna is bubbly and easily approachable. She can always find the silver lining. Her teaching style is clear and relaxed, she always has a twinkle in her eye.

Without you noticing it, Hanna challenges you to do things differently and has you constantly learning new things. Hanna’s teaching method is “stick and carrot” with a twist. In her case, stick is the way Hanna challenges you to think and break boundaries and old beliefs. As her carrot she has your epiphanies on your ways to learn and your new skills, which will make you shine and want this more.

So come to class with a calm mind and the will to grow. The classes will provide challenges even for long-time dancers, and hopefully you’ll leave having given your all. Dance has exactly as many challenges to conquer and as much technique to learn as you want. Dance, as so many other areas of life, is a life-long journey – you start learning, wanting to learn more and more as you go. The only problem with dancing is that once you’ve started, you never want to quit.


Hanna Tuominen henkilökuva

According to Hanna: “The quality of teaching, growth and up-to-date knowledge are important to me. I want to take into account the well-being of my student, so in addition to Professional teacher and dance teacher degrees I have acquired a degree in Sports Studies as well as the Licensed Trainer of NLP® and NLP Coach Trainer® certifications.

I teach various partner dances all over Finland. In my work, I aim to actively develop the teaching of these dances by getting more training myself as well as training other instructors/coaches. I teach and judge West Coast Swing both in Finland and abroad. Before I became a full-time dance teacher I worked as a professional teacher for many years, so one could say that teaching is a way of life for me.

The focus of my classes is dancing: good technique, the way we use our bodies, musicality and partnering, so that each dancer can dance even better than before. Dancing is fun and it must show, dancing with greater quality feels even better.

I want everyone to grow in their own way and to find a way to dance that suits them. I started dance as an adult, so I remember how challenging it can feel in the beginning but also how rewarding it is to learn and grown. This is why people just starting their dance journey are close to my heart.

Even though I actively attend competitions, I feel that the most important thing about dance is the social side of it. I love to dance with dancers from all skill levels. Dance is created together, both partners have their own role, and they complement each other. At its best, dance is full of emotion, together with a partner.”