Amazing dancer, Riga Summer Swing 2018!

I had wonderful opportunity to keep ”Amazing Dancer”- class in Riga Summer Swing 2018. This subject is so close to my heart. I want help people to reach their full potential, and find out how great they are.

1 hour is so short time, so we only scratch the surface. Main things I would people to remember from class are:

  • Define what you want for your dancing, and why? What are your resources (time, work, family) Make a plan how to get to your goal.
  • What are your strengths? Where are you good at? Recognise how you talk to yourself? What kind of beliefs you have? STOP! Do you talk like you would talk to your best friend?
  • Start focus on things you want to achieve. Remember brains don’t understand word NO.
  • If you focus on good things, you will see solutions easier on our problems, and get overall happier life.
  • You are amazing! just YOU. Being happy in your own skin, doesn’t mean that you can’t be better on things you want. ENJOY the journey!

You decide what kind of dance(life) you will have!

Go back to your amazing dance (visualization practice) time to time and make it bigger, better just the way you want it to be in future.

Be that amazing dancer you are!


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