Mentality class for competitors in Riga

I had amazing opportunity last weekend. Renars asked me to keep competitors mentality class in Riga summer swing.

This class was more how to work inside of your own head. How to prepare yourself in competitions, how to set yourself in perfect mind set that helps you do your best dance in competition floor. Of course same instructions goes also in other place in life too 🙂

I know it can be difficult sometimes get yourself calm down during busy weekend, so I will give you fast recap so you can do these exercises in home to practice and be even better prepared in next competition.

12818-you-cant-find-what-you-want-if-you-dont-know-what-youreWhat is your goal?
You can write things you want in paper. Is it in positive form, towards something, not avoid something. Our brains deals things in images, because of that our brains don’t understand negations (I don’t want fall -> Brains see you falling -> ok, that is what you want -> you fall = mission complete.
Is your goal detailed, How you know when you have it?

I want to do good in comps( no, be precise what you want), I want to be in (novice, intermediate…) final during 2016.

Why you want this? What you will get when you get it? How does it feel when you get it? Is that goal good for you and people around you? Is it your goal or somebody else? Can there be something disadvantage for you or people around you?

Why haven’t you yet get it? What skills you still need? Where or who you can find help on that? What need to change? How you can make it happen?

Now you have create a map to your goal, now you can achieve it!

Have you sometimes felt upset, when competing and maybe didn’t get the results you hoped? Maybe you didn’t yet really checked what is your goal and why you wanted, did you have all necessary skills to have it.



Everyone has many beliefs ( what that inner talk of you sometimes say?), some are good and make life easier, some prevent us to do or be what we would like to be. I’m not good enough, I fail every time, I don’t deserve to win or what ever. When you realize that you have this unwanted belief, you can change it. Start  to question those, do you fail every time, really? Don’t deserve? Why? Who said that? And you notice that your thought start to change.

Visualization practice
Close your eyes and see you dancing that perfect competition dance. Know what skills has miss before and now fix those skills, See how your dance change and how you look, posture, confidence, face expression and so on. See how people around you look like, how your dance partner looks, act. Really feel how great that moment is!

Then jump in that image, and feel how that perfect dance feels, how those fixed skills, moves feels like. Really live that perfect dance, see, feel, hear everything like you was living it. Notice those changes and what kind of reaction you will get from your partner or audience. You really kick ass, in that dance!

More you focus on what you want, easier it is to achieve it. That is why we want to focus on what we want, not what we want to avoid. Only by visualizing you can’t get in your goal, you need to be willing to work to get it. Great results, need great amount of work and dedication.

Nerves and tension,  you can keep calm by focusing things that help you stay in this moment. How does floor feel under your feet? How your breathing floats freely in and out? Fix your posture, shoulders down, open your chest and put head up. Close your eyes and see that perfect dance front of you, feel that calmness and self-confidence you have. Breathing out is great way to get your partner to also relax.

How to get better results?

Näyttökuva 2016-08-16 kello 17.36.05

Original chart is from: Hannu Pirilä

When you realize that your inner talk, physics or feeling isn’t that you want to have, you can change it. Make things work for you not against you.

Remember all these things require practice that you can get best help from it. Stay positive, and remember sometimes there can be setbacks, that is part of life. Evaluate what happened and take what you need to know more for next time. Know that you will be wiser and know how to do better next time. Remember results will NOT define you as human being or dancer, it is how you danced in that competition. Next event results can be total different.

You can’t choose (in J&J) your partner, music or weather outside, so more effective is to do best on what you have, focus on that and use your partner best skills.

Often we afraid to ruin our partner competition. We can only be responsible on our own dance, do the best we can. We can’t know what is going on in our partners head, we can only QUESS. It is part of this dance, we will agree to dance different level dancers when we sign up in competition, so if your partner will treat you disrespectfully or rude, that will tell more about him/her than you. You have choice, you decide how you want to act or feel. You can’t change people around you, but you can change how you react in different situations.


So go there, and just do your best, have fun and kick some ass!



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  1. Ihana tanssia monelta suunnalta käsittelevä blogi. Jään seuraajaksi. Olen eläkeiässä paritanssiin hurahtanut mummi, ja nautin oppimisesta ja tanssin ilosta tuttujen ja tuntemattomien kanssa. Olen ylpeä ja onnellinen, että uskalsin pari vuotta sitten aloittaa. Joten tsemmpiä tanssihaasteelle!

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