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Set your target… And you will achieve it! (English version)

Have heard you or your friend complaining…. I want to be rich, I want to have better job, I want to have great car, I want to be happy, nothing good will never happen to me and so on.

When you are unsatisfied your life. There is things you can do and change it, or you can leave your life like it is and keep complaining it.


We all have different kind of dreams, hopes, urges. Are all of those things achievable? Are all things we want good for us? How do I know what can I achieve, and how to do it?
There is few things you can do, and start your path towards our dreams.
Ok, what do I need to do? I give you 5 easy steps how you can start your journey.

Graduation-Quotes-90Set up your goal:

Step 1. Set up goals, your target state, things you want to achieve.
It can be list, if there is more than one thing you want.

Think what you want? It can be: what I want to be, what to do or what do I have. Think why do you want these things, what you get when you have achieve that?
Important thing, those need to be in positive form. No, nos or buts or ifs.
Your target state need to be depending your action, not others. Ask your self, can I control this? If you need to change your country form of government, maybe you can’t control that. or who knows 🙂

Step 2. Pick one thing, from your list, you want to achieve the most.
Think what things I need to do, so I can get this? You need to be able to perceive what kind of steps you need to take on the way. Some steps you know, some you will learn on the way. How do you know when you have achieve your goal/ target state? What are concrete things that had happened? Because even when you reach something you still ain’t happy, if you don’t know what you want, you just want something more.
It can be I want to be happy. You just then need to think what sort of things make feel happy. And then start work towards those things, you can of course want different things in future, then you just reset  your target.

Step 3. Think what has stop you achieving it before. What needs to change so that ain’t going to happen again? Maybe you need to challenge your beliefs.

Step 4. When you think your target state, your goal. Think how this thing will improve your life? How does it effects on your close ones. What good things it will give you or people around you? Can it hurt someone? People want lot of things, are all good for us, probably not. So it is important to go thru step 4 carefully.

Step 5. Decide when you start your your journey towards your goal, now.

You have now done all 5 steps, you have also analyze what will happen to you when you start work towards your goal, but also how it will effect your close ones. When you know what you want, every step will takes you closer to your dream.

If you don’t know where you want to be, any path will take you to that (unsatisfied) place. 4609437959

When you have set your target state. That will lead you towards your dreams. Then you can pick another thing from your list and do the same steps with those.

Take those 5 steps again, if you notice that you doubt do I want that thing anymore. Change it. That is totally ok, life change, people change. Also your Values change. (I will talk about values in next blog)

It is important to have targets in your life, it will keep you going. You can always reset your targets, when ever you want.
Remember stop time to time, and give yourself a pat to achieving steps on your way. It’s not only the goal, you also need to enjoy every step on the way.
Will you succeed everything you do? Probably not, but if you never try, you will never succeed. At every setback you will learn something important.

During this journey, I know you will learn great things about you and your targets.

Enjoy it!


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